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Forest School 1
Forest School

A range of extra curriculum activities:

As well as following the Montessori and EYFS curriculum, here at Meadows we also offer a range of other activities:


Forest School 

We run Forest School sessions for all children at Meadows. Forest School is outside based learning which aims to give children additional personal, social and technical skills. It also aims to build a child's self-esteem and independence through challenging and stimulating planned activities. 

Drama including seasonal performances

We have weekly drama sessions with Mrs Lisa leading the children in a story, adventure or acting out a scenario with input from them, to encourage imagination and self-expression and to build  confidence. We usually prepare a Christmas performance and a Summer term performance.


Our cooking sessions every week give the children lots of hands-on practical experience of chopping, grating, sieving, squeezing, measuring, mixing, rolling and making many different dishes, both sweet and savoury. We use lots of fruit and vegetables, follow a pictorial recipe from raw ingredients to finished dishes - and eat them with our friends at school!You will often see our recipes on our Instagram page too :) 


Music sessions on Wednesdays are always fun! We sing familiar songs, put actions to songs, act out songs and rhymes, move to a wide variety of music, use props such as colourful ribbons, puppets, chiffon scarves or the parachute. We make up new songs, and play lots of percussion instruments. 

Gym for the afternoon sessions

We love to move our bodies and develop our physical skills. One afternoon session every week focuses specifically on running, jumping, marching, crawling, balancing, experimenting with movement, ball skills, parachute games, and many other fun activities! 

Arts and Crafts 

Picasso said "Every child is an artist" and we nurture and develop each child's creative side. Paint, clay, glue, collage, papier mache, junk modelling, marbling and many other resources are used with imagination and self-expression to create wonderfully individual artworks :)

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